Monday, 9 December 2013

Would you fall for this scam

This film is only partially set in Thailand, but it deals with the infamous boiler room scams which have received so much coverage in the press recently.

Keith Jones is an Australian who was conned out of about 150,000 US dollars in an investment fraud. He invested the money on the strength of a few phone calls and a cursory check of the internet sites to which he was referred by the caller. It's staggeringly naive for a man who is obviously intelligent and at least moderately successful in his chosen career.

The film shows how he traced the group that had taken his money to an apartment block in Chiang Mai. It's a very impressive effort from a man who, presumably, is not a professional film maker. The film is well put together and he is a very capable narrator of his own script. It's well worth a look, if you have an interest in Thailand or in the ways in which foolish people can be parted from their cash.

The only word of warning... if someone phones saying they have a great investment opportunity, ask the question... if it's so great why are they sharing it with you... a complete stranger?

The film is here Whambamthankyouscam