Thursday, 12 May 2016

Is Thailand safe? More from Hua Hin

It's just a few weeks since we saw the horrific scenes in Hua Hin - an elderly couple and their son, victims of what appeared to be an unprovoked attack by a group of young Thai men. The couple have vowed never to return to Thailand - Thais I have spoken to have expressed a sense of shame and anger directed only at their countrymen. A new video paints a very different picture of what went on that night. There can be no justification for kicking an elderly woman in the face - but this video shows what initiated the confrontation and, apparently, who threw the first punch.
Many people criticise Thais for going into fights "mob-handed" as though there should be a code of honour for a street brawl. It would be better if those critics understood the concept of "face".
Insult a Thai at your peril - he or she must even the score - and it's quiet acceptable for your mates to help you do that.
Instead of complaining about that - it's pointless - visitors need to understand the concept and adjust their behaviour  accordingly. If that's not acceptable - choose a different holiday location.
The Thais involved in  this incident are likely to be punished (unless they have influential family) - the Brits will, in all probability, continue to milk the sympathy they have received for being victims.
Based on this new film - their promise never to return to Thailand can only be welcomed.

Check the video here