Thursday, 13 June 2013

Thai sex industry - a truly authentic take

This blog focuses on how Thailand is presented in the media and, in particular, how the country's notorious sex industry is portrayed in so called documentary films. The men involved in the Thai bar scene are invariably depicted as ruthless predators or sad, fat old men who have failed to connect with females in their own countries. Thai women take the role of helpless victims of traffickers or heartless, scheming manipulators eager to separate the hapless "farang" from his hard earned savings.  It should come as no surprise that the reality is so much more complicated.

I have written two books set in Thailand's most infamous city, Pattaya. My contention is that the lazy stereotyping so prevalent in the documentaries is wide of the mark, but there is a thread that ties many of the participants on both sides of the sex trade together. They are all trying to find something that is missing in their lives, for many of the girls that is no more than the small amount of cash that it would take to look after their families. For others the stakes are much higher.

My books have consistently received 5 star rankings on Amazon and the key to their success, I am told, is that they are a truly authentic take on the dynamics of the Thai sex industry. If you would like to know more about the darker side of Thailand and how its participants really interact, then I hope you will take a look at these books.

Thai Kiss - is available on  and 

Thai Lottery - is available on and

Both books are available on all the regional Amazon sites and also on Barnes & Noble, Nook and Kobo.

I hope you will check them out and let me know what you think.

Thanks to Lewis on who says of Thai Kiss -
This book has now become my all time favorite novel about Thailand ,it gives a very enjoyable detailed look into the many facets of the underworld of the Pattaya bar scene ,and some of the not so pleasant characters involved in it. The story is a suspenseful, well researched fast paced page turner, from a brilliant writer. The twists and turns in the plot were very well executed, you will be hooked.

I loved this book , it's gripping from start to finish, can't wait for his next one.


  1. Like most things, one’s disposition and perception of events determines whether those events are deemed good or bad. The interactions between Western men and Thai women are particularly prone to such considerations, especially in cases where the former plead ignorance or betrayal, and the latter are portrayed as heartless manipulators. The truth is always a lot more intricate and nuanced than that! Having been to Thailand a number of times myself, and related to many Western men and Thai women, I concur with Matt Carrell’s take here that most books and documentaries on the subject are narrowly conceived.

    I look forward to broader accounts of the relationships between Western men and Thai women, especially from those who have actually participated in such relationships, and who write in the memoir genre rather than fiction which is always more open to doubt and disbelief. In this regard, I have written a story (as part of a memoir I am currently writing) of an event in Patong that I experienced. For those interested, it has been published in 2 parts: (1), (2)

    Oh, and even though the “Bible” of the Thai bar scene – “Private Dancer” by Stephen Leather - is a fictional account of the relationships between Western men and Thai women, it’s one hell of a read!

    1. Getting "for invited readers only" at NarratorAustralia, Eddie.